Notice of Nordic Buddies landing in Japan

ノルディックバディズ 日本上陸のお知らせ

Nordic Buddies Japan Co., Ltd. will start online shop Moomin By Nordicbuddies and wholesale sales of Moomin products from December 1, 2022 .

Nordic Buddies Japan is a Finnish-Japanese joint venture that imports and wholesales the coolest Moomin products, including Moomin, Snufkin, Snoke, Little My, Nyoronyoro, and more, as well as the online shop Moomin By Nordicbuddies.

We plan to start with Moomin character socks, winter collection, headwear, bags, travel, accessories, etc., and then gradually increase the number of products.

We are dedicated to providing the coolest Moomin products, meeting your demands for quality, design and vibe.

Our parent company, Nordic Buddies Co., Ltd., has created new fashion products under the brand name Moomin By Nordicbuddies for Moomin fans who grew up watching and reading Moomin from an early age. Moomin is a global Finnish fashion brand that is currently sold in 17 countries.

Curiosity, courage, determination – these are some of the Moomin values ​​that underlie the way we operate.

We operate our company with the determination to break boundaries in order to deliver high quality products to our customers with bold colors and responsible production.

All Moomin By Nordicbuddies products are designed on a small island called Rauttasaari (also known as ``Island of the Happy'') in Helsinki, Finland.

We hope you enjoy this product as much as we enjoyed making it.

Nordic Buddies Japan Co., Ltd.

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