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We, Nordicbuddies , are a global Moomin fashion brand that creates new fashion products for Moomin fans who grew up watching and reading Moomin from an early age.

Moomin By Nordicbuddies was founded in Finland at the end of 2019. Nordicbuddies is now sold in 17 countries and has grown to become one of the largest Moomin licensees in a short period of time.

Curiosity, courage and determination – these are some of the Moomin values ​​that underlie our operations. We run our company with a commitment to breaking boundaries to deliver quality products to our customers, with bold colors and responsible production.

All Nordicbuddies products are designed on a small island called Lauttasaari (also known as 'The Island of the Happy') in Helsinki, Finland.

We hope you enjoy this product as much as we enjoyed making it.

Nordic Buddies Japan Co., Ltd. is a Japanese subsidiary of Moomin By Nordicbuddies .

Nordic Buddies Japan Co., Ltd. (English: Nordicbuddies Japan Co LTD.)

Headquarters and warehouse
22-1 Nukata, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture 511-0911
TEL: 0594-31-2790
Representative Director Mari Ota

Tokyo branch office
7-9-2 Ueno Le Lion Ueno Station Court, Taito 110-0005 Tokyo Prefecture
TEL: 03-5246-3435 FAX: 03-5246-3436